Prices & Booking - 2018

storytelling, singing & music making

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If you're not sure what arrangements are best for your school, pre-school or library, then please use
the form below for your enquiries.

Or you may prefer to email me at

When you have booked, I'll email you a confirmation followed by an emailed contract.

It's easy to calculate the cost, and no deposit is required.

You could also book the popular after school session. Evening performances are no longer available.

Description Per
Full Day
Sessions Half Day
Sessions Comments
Primary, Infant & Junior Days £1 £290 Up to 3 £220 Up to 2 Nursery and Pre-School sessions are now available. Details on request.
Primary, Infant & Junior Plus Days £1 £380 Up to 4 - - For some larger schools, two days are sometimes more appropriate.
Primary & Secondary Workshops - £290 2 X 2hrs
3 X 1hrs
£220 2 X 1hrs
1 X 2hrs
Primary & Secondary Plus Workshops - £380 3 X 1¾hrs - -  
Special Schools - from £290 variable from £220 variable Session times vary and are appropriate to the children involved. They are usually anything from 20 to 45 mins. in length depending on needs. Negotialble

The fee is calculated on information supplied by the school. For example, the Primary School roll.
Session prices are from August 2017 to August 2018 inclusive. There is no VAT.
Please be aware that there are maximum audience numbers for each session. Please ask for details.
It is also a contractual condition that all class teachers (rather than just TAs) must remain with their children throughout.


Even though petrol prices continue to fluctuate, my travel charges remain very low. Current rate: 39ppm
Travel is always calculated & charged from/to my Essex base.

Lunch, unless provided, will be added on full days (£5.50).

Occasionally, circumstances might dictate that some accommodation cost has to be charged. This is always kept to a minimum. If this is necessary, you will be informed before any commitment on your part.

Booking Enquiry Form

The small print

Please note that these conditions apply from the time of booking and please be aware that both verbal ('phone), and email bookings, are legally binding.

In the unfortunate event of you having to cancel, please let me know a.s.a.p. Please make sure you speak to me (not e.g. answerphone or email)

I will try to book other venues for the date(s) and not charge you. However, if I am unable to do so, you will be charged and invoiced at the following rates. Cancellation made :-

        Between 2 - 3 calendar months before Perf./Wk.shops - 25% of fee
        Between 1 - 2 calendar months before Perf./Wk.shops - 50% of fee
        Between 0 - 1 calendar month before Perf./Wk.shops - 100% of fee

If I cancel, I will offer an alternative date with a 5% reduction on the session fee. On completion of contract - If full payment is delayed, interest at 8% above current base rate may be charged.

If circumstances dictate that accommodation costs have to be charged, you will be informed before any commitment on your part.

If I have paid for accommodation and you cancel, you will be charged.