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Dear Charlie,
I asked my class for some comments.
Here goes..
'It was such fun because he chose us to be the characters in the story.' Freya (Y3)
'It was amazing because the rat met so many characters and I liked it when Motashah got his bottom burned !' Tom (Y3)
'Charlie used lots of instruments and he played the flute in between the parts of the story.' Robert (Y3)
'It was funny when Charlie kept saying Crick Crack.' Ned (Y3)
'I liked the way Charlie was singing and rhyming as he went along.' Jo (Y2)
'I liked the way Charlie included the teachers. Our teacher had to be a buffalo !' Vanessa (Y3)
'Charlie adds funny bits to stories, like when the cowherd was milking into his shoe !'
'It made us jump and laugh right from the beginning.' (Lots of children all adding bits !)
We have been doing a whole school project making huge hangings using batik to illustrate your 3 stories. Also my class are retelling your story in little books and are taking great pride in them. We wondered if you would be prepared to answer a few questions about yourself for a section on the storyteller. It was as usual great fun. Look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes, Gill Thomas
West Dean CE Primary School, West Sussex

"Dear Charlie Wilson, I am writing to say a huge thank you for coming in to share your stories with us. I especially liked the stories you did in the afternoon with just my class. I never thought you would be as good as you were. I thought your songs were super and when you got people up to be characters, it made it 105% more realistic. I really, really enjoyed it.
I hope you will come back. From Maisy."

Slinfold Primary School, W Sussex