Story Enhancing

for parents and carers of foundation pupils

Invite parents and carers to watch a story session with their children

Adults will experience techniques that could enhance their story sharing at home.

About 1 hrs. including a coffee break when the children go out for a run around.

This format is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your requirements. If you would prefer something different, please ask.

Enhance both story sharing and reading

The session is relaxed and informative.

Parents will leave inspired, excited - and raring to have a go.

  1. An interactive song for all.
  2. A story for the children, whilst the parents/carers look on and learn.
  3. The song revisited with instruments.
  4. Children leave for a break.
    • Coffee/tea served.
    • I answer questions and highlight a few simple and easy story sharing/reading approaches.
    • These will have been illustrated.
  5. The children return for a story and song that will also involve the adults.

The aim is to illustrate to parents/carers that they can very easily raise their level of involvement in the story sharing they do with their children at home.
I also emphasise:

  • Story sharing can be an holistic experience for the parent and child.
  • Their approach to reading with their children is critical. How they feel about it will be transmitted and transferred to their children and, if positive, could have long term benefits.

This session is available on its own. Fee: Please enquire.
It may also be available as an extended session within a full, or half day booking. There is often no extra cost.
However, if the session takes place after school, there will be an extra cost.

Thank you so much, everyone had a great afternoon. I have attached some of the comments that the children and families put up on our board following the session.

  • Excellent. Well done.
  • Thoroughly entertaining.
  • Wonderful! Fun for all with some
    super tips!
  • It was a lovely session. We enjoyed it so much!
  • Brilliant. Amy enjoyed every minute
    and so did I.
  • It was really excellent. We got some lovely ideas.
  • Brilliant way of telling a story; we will use your method.
  • Charlie was fantastic, a brilliant storyteller, thank you for ideas at bedtime

Sarah Mansell - Barnardos School-Family Support
Session was at Moulsham Infant Sch. Essex Oct. 2010

The feedback from parents and children was very positive. They all enjoyed the session and a couple of the dads in particular were inspired by the session. The teachers were also pleased and those that had seen you previously said that it was even more enjoyable and appropriate this time.
Thank you - we would certainly be pleased to welcome you back in the future.

Headteacher - Oaklands Infant School, Essex