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What a Ride

Family friendly songs you would just love to sing along to

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"Well, here we are - all of us - riding on a big, bright, beautiful blue ball:
Earth - our home.
And as she spins her way, every day, through the blackness of space, so there are people, like me, who travel from place to place trying to put a smile on someone's face - by bringing along a story and a song; by bringing along a little bit of crickcrack.
See - that's me!" - Charlie


Long ago and far away

Enchanting stories with songs and music


This CD is aimed at KS1 children.

About 76 minutes of interactive stories and songs.

". . . and with lots of crick cracking - so when you hear "crick!", you call back "crack!"


Hop, skip and jump!

Stories that want you to jump in and join in the fun


This CD is aimed at Foundation and KS1 children.

About 75 minutes of very active story sharing.

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This CD is dedicated to Toby Atkinson.

A wonderful, inspirational and dearly loved young man.

For every copy of this CD sold, a donation
will be made to The Bone Cancer Research Trust.

1. The dragon king - based on a story from China.
The dragon king tries his hardest to make the queen happy.
He searches for something really special to give to her, but she's very difficult to please! Charlie found a tiny snippet of a Chinese story and it grabbed his imagination. This is the result.
(About 37 mins.)
2. We all can be - a song written by Charlie.
We all can be just what we want to be - from the waving grass to a bird in the sky. This is a joining in song - so sing and do!
And feel free to make up your own verses and actions.
(About 4 mins.)
3. The first tigers - a story and song.
Charlie retells this story from the Hmong people of Laos.
The tigers - He and She - would like to have some cubs.
She journeys through the forest to ask Shao - who's old and wise and lives in the skies - how many she can have. She makes up a song to help her remember his answer, but the Eu bird doesn't like the idea of lots of cubs in the forest, so she tricks tiger. This, perhaps, is one reason why there are so few tigers left in our world.
Music and song composed by Charlie.
(About 35 mins.)
1. Moon Lake - from India (about 35 minutes)
The elephants live by a beautiful blue lake, but when the sun dries it up, they have to find another one.
The trouble is - they find the rabbits' lake. How can the little rabbits chase away the big, fat elephants?
2. There was a princess - song-story from England (about 10 minutes)
The princess lives in a tall tower. She loves playing music and keeping herself fit! But a wicked fairy comes and casts a spell. Only a prince can wake her up.
Lots and lots of joining in! It's good fun sometimes to change 'prince' and 'princess' around.
3. The rascally rattlesnake - from The Chickasaw Native Americans (about 30 minutes)
Baby rattlesnake hasn't grown a rattle yet. He makes such a fuss that, finally, the chief gives in and finds a spare one for him. But he's very, very naughty with his new rattle!
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