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Pass it on

Stories, songs - and more....


.... from around the world. For you to enjoy and pass on.

This CD is aimed at KS2 children.

An hour of interactive stories, songs - and a game.


Spinning Delights

The ever popular original ...


This CD (formerly cassette) has sold in large numbers and has proved very popular with all primary children since 1997

Please note: new cover design

78 minutes of storytelling and songs.

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30 second preview

1. Pass it on - a song written by Charlie
Find - or make - a shaker/instrument - and join in!

2. The radish thief - Charlie retells a story from Bangladesh.
The farmer needs to feed his family, but he is up against the hot sun, the terrible monsoon, bad neighbours - and a thief!

3. The pepperbush - this story with a song is based on a tale from St Vincent in the Caribbean (about 25 mins.) In the Caribbean, there is a tiny dot of an island. When a cloud covers the sun, a shadow is cast over the whole island. The scheming witch becomes queen and uses the king's pepperbush to hide a terrible secret. However, the singing of the princess turns the tables on her.

4. Ophelia's letter - this is based on a story/song/game from Ghana.
Ophelia has a pen friend in England. She likes to read her treasure down by the river. However, a gust of wind has another idea. Her family play their part in mending her broken heart.

5. Ophelia's song - you may like to use this track when playing Ophelia's game. Inside the CD cover, you'll find details of how to play the game.

1. Stories Spinning (Song) - Words and Music: C. Wilson
We spin - or tell - stories about everything in our world. This song is about our world of stories, and about one of Charlie's most popular backdrops. The front cover shows the backdrop which depicts our world from the stars to the oceans.

2. The Old Witch - (Traditional English story with song)
A very helpful girl goes on a journey into the countryside. When she is chased by a witch, the girl needs help from everything she has helped. Song words traditional Music: C. Wilson

3. Knee High Man - (Traditional Alabama story)
The problem with the Knee High Man is that he doesn't like being little. He asks others who live by the swamp, how he can get sizable.

4. Yellow Frogs - (Traditional South America story with song) The frogs love to sing, make music and dance. Trouble is - the other creatures get annoyed with them and shoo them away. Except, that is, Mrs Owl who thinks they can be very useful. Song words and music: C. Wilson

5. Herr Korbes - (Traditional. Grimm story)
The cockerel and the hen decide to go and cheer up the grumpy and lonely old man - Herr Korbes. On the way, they are joined by several neighbours. When they arrive and discover he isn't in, they decide to wait for him. But when he comes home - he is very grumpy . . . Will they succeed in cheering him up?

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