Story Workshops

bring both your telling and reading to life!

For Primary teachers, Early Years practitioners, and other education professionals

2½ hrs. including a working coffee break. Or about 3 hrs. with a break. It's your choice.

The session is relaxed, interactive and informative.

You'll be left inspired, excited - and raring to have a go.

This format is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your requirements. If you would prefer something different, please ask.

  1. Introduction with interactive songs and instruments.
  2. The concept of "the story-bubble". Getting involved in the narrative and making it multi-dimensional.
  3. Story. A full and interactive telling - regularly pausing to highlight/discuss techniques.
  4. A look at "essential keys" to sharing a story.
  5. An interactive look at the storyline of the shared story.
  6. A look at "essential keys" to learning a story.
    (Optional working coffee break.)
  7. Participants begin working either on their own or in pairs. They develop a storyline.
    For this, participants are asked to bring a picture book or short story.
  8. Participants decide which approaches and techniques to use.
  9. Participants practise telling, or sharing the reading of their story.
  10. Participants tell, or read their story in pairs/threes; change round when complete.
  11. A participant/pair may choose to share a story with the whole group.
  12. Recap of essential points; end with a song.

The ideal number for a real hands-on experience is up to 16. However, a few more might be accommodated.

This format allows me to illustrate how to bring a story to life, and gives participants a practical taste of preparation and delivery.

I emphasise how many "telling" skills can be used to enhance your reading with children.

Because of its length, this practical session is best delivered as a morning or afternoon Inset rather than a twilight session.

£250 + exp.

A discount is available if you book more than one session.

I have received great feedback regarding the training workshop, staff from the children's centre felt it was a great opportunity and hope to use your ideas in the future for stay and plays etc. We have also thought about promoting it at our rainbow centre to enable families to come in and listen and share stories to develop confidence to continue sharing stories at home. I have also been out to some of the settings where staff attended, they thoroughly enjoyed it as we did, it gave us ideas and real inspiration to make, develop and improve on our practice. One setting has already put it into practice and felt the children responded in a positive way. Another setting did ask me about your training and how she intends to pass on your details to her local school.
Laura Lillistone (Mid-Tendring Sure Start)