Student Storytelling Workshops

suitable for students in Years 5 to 7

Suitable for pupils in Years 5 to 7

I was a teacher of English & Drama for fifteen years.

Summer Literacy Scheme workshops are about two hours long.

Storytelling workshops can run from one to two hours, and can be varied to suit your requirements.

Usual format

The most popular format is as follows, but if you would prefer something different, please ask.

Format for a two hour workshop with a single class:
  1. Introduction with song highlighting what makes a good story.
  2. Interactive short story; or chant of story ingredients. Includes music and movement.
  3. First major story shared.
  4. Interactive illustration of the storyline.
  5. Students copy sorted storyline in a very structured way.
  6. Second major story shared.
  7. Students work out storyline for themselves (with assistance).
  8. End by repeating number 2 above


Traditional stories from a range of cultures.

Music is often used.

I will try to tell different stories to each group so classes can story swop.


Duration 1 - 2 hours

Maximum group size

Normal class.


Children will have:

  1. Experienced storytelling and sharing
  2. Heard different traditional stories
  3. Heard about the ingredients of good stories
  4. Seen and worked on how stories can be structured (storylines)
  5. Material that can be followed up in different subject areas


Thank you very much for three wonderful days. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and can talk of nothing else. They have already started their follow up work in both English and Drama and seem to take pleasure from developing their new skills. Each form has picked a group who are going to tell their story in assembly so they will all hear each others stories. It is excellent to see them so excited. Both the other teachers and myself found it most refreshing and would love to develop it into an annual event.

The Sweyne Park Secondary School, Essex.
Rebooked for a thirteenth year! - Oct. 2011

Yet again your visit was a triumph! It was very obvious from their reaction and degree of involvement that all the visiting teachers and students (yr5) had a wonderful experience. Due mainly to the amount of energy you dedicate to each performance. Your professionalism and preparation makes the whole day run so smoothly that you are a dream speaker! Many thanks for a wonderful day.

The Priory Secondary School, Herts
(part of their Primary Schools Week 2010)