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Your VO Work

When you have a VO job to record simply send me some details, and we'll sort out a time when you can pop in and record.

When you're here, I will offer direction only if you request it.

If required, your client can give live direction over Skype as the recording takes place. This facility has to be pre-arranged.

Once the recording has finished, you will need to stay and choose the takes you want to offer your client. The time taken to edit will depend on the complexity of the piece(s).

Once completed, I can upload your audio files to a secure page on this site where either you or your client may download them.

Photographer: Ric Bacon

Cassandra Wilson

The UK voiced tag lines for four Cisco Systems advertisments were recorded here by Cassandra Wilson. Please see the Video Examples on the right - the VO is the last section over the Cisco tag.

As well as other VO work, Cassandra Wilson recorded the female character voices for
"The Woman in White" video game.

To book Cassandra:

Cassandra's website:

Some technical details

When recording, we will be using a specially constructed sound booth to give "dry" or neutral acoustics.

The principal mic. is an Audio-Technica 4040.

The audio is routed through Roland hardware whilst the software is Adobe Audition.

We'll record and edit in 24 bit resolution with a 48000 sample rate.

Your finished files can easily be converted to 16 bit 41000 (for CDs), or/and mp3 format.

Cisco Advertisments


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