Voice Reels

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Crickcrack voice reels

When you want to record a voice reel:

  • I will send you a preparation document that gives you lots of information and advice.
  • When you arrive, we'll talk through the pieces that you would like to record.
  • We will normally record between six and eight pieces - varied to suit your particular voice.
  • During recording, I will generally offer advice and direction - I will hear things that you won't. However, I will not interfere if you prefer it that way. It's entirely your choice.

When you have left, my work continues - for many hours!

  • I will work carefully on the recordings to get the best from them. Some tracks will be mixed with suitable music and maybe sfx.
  • When they're ready, your audio files will be uploaded to a secure page on my site. I will email you with a user name and password so you may gain access.
  • Your final audio files will be uploaded as both mp3s and wav files.

Photographer: Peter Rymill

Caroline St John

"I have never enjoyed a studio session as much. Charlie Wilson is supremely professional with a sensitive ear that misses nothing of what is going on in your voice OR your mind. He is immensely welcoming, serious and fun by turns as appropriate, and immensely generous and helpful - throughout the whole process and afterwards with selection of tracks. I would recommend his services to anyone."

Listen: Caroline's compilation track

To book Caroline: cmogde@talk21.com

Photographer: Nick Gregan

Robin Marchal

"Thanks Charlie for your sensitive direction during voice-over recording and the superbly finished product."

Listen: Robin's compilation track

To book Robin: robin_marchal@1priors.freeserve.co.uk

Robin's CV: www.actorsandwriters.org

Photographer: Remy Hunter

Jean Summers

"Crickcrack Productions offer a highly professional, efficient and very friendly, helpful service and I am delighted with the results."

Listen: Jean's compilation track

To book Jean:summers759@aol.com

Jean's Spotlight page:www.spotlight.com/interactive/cv/2290-6751-6712

Photographer: John Simpson

Ben Holmes

"Charlie supported me in a caring yet focused way at every stage: from describing my voice and selecting appropriate pieces through to preparing my voice, helping me understand how to get the best from the equipment and giving really constructive and honest feedback that made a huge difference to my delivery. Such care is rarely afforded one at a voice session. An excellent all-round, personal service which I would thoroughly recommend"

Listen: Ben's compilation track

To book Ben: john@fts.me.uk

Voice web page

For a minimal cost, you can also have your own voice reel page on this site.

This will be particularly useful if you have no other web presence for your voice.

You'll be able to easily direct anyone to your specific page to listen to, and download your tracks.

And you won't have to attach your audio files to emails. Simply send the link to your own personal page.

On the page you'll have access to all your tracks.

These will include your compilation track - and Spotlight clips if you've chosen to have them.

You can also have your photograph, a short CV, and all your contact details.

Click yourname.crickcrack.com to look at a sample page.

Full Web Presence

Would you like a full webpresence of your own including your own domain name e.g. www.yourname.com and your own email address e.g. name@yourname.com.?

Then I suggest you contact Neil through Finbowdesign.com, who designed these pages for me, and mention that I have recommended you to him.