Crickcrack Voices

always personal - always professional

It's Personal

That's the really special bit about recording here.

Recording your voice here will always be one to one - and personal.

The intimate, professionally equipped recording facility is used by myself and other voice artists.

I will give you the time you need and you won't feel pressured or rushed.

I believe you'll give your best if you have the right environment.

And I will personally record and edit your vocal work.

You will discover I adopt a professional and patient approach to recording.

  • You may wish to record a voice reel
  • or simply top up an existing one.
  • Remember, your reel is always a work-in-progress. As you gain experience and hone your skills, it's wise to update your reel frequently. Discard weak spots as you create better choices.
  • Your tracks can be used on Spotlight or on other on-line voice sites.
  • You may have a VO job and are looking for an inexpensive, convenient and relaxed recording location.
  • Or you may have some other project in mind e.g. a story CD. Just email me.