School sessions

primary school storytelling sessions

Everyone loved your sessions and told me how much they enjoyed your stories. 100% positive feedback from all the adults and the children. Thank you!  – Springfield Primary, Essex

Plop and the rabbits

Holmewood House School, Kent

During a successful thirty years, this is what happened whenever I visited schools:

In each storytelling session, bright, traditional stories were retold from many cultures.

Sometimes I would share one of my own stories.

The sessions were carefully designed for Nursery, Infant and Junior pupils.

Primary school sessions lasted between 45 and 60 minutes. Nursery sessions were about 20 minutes.

And there were special sessions for special schools.

The performances were very interactive, rhythmical and sprinkled with rhyme.

And they were delightfully musical and sparkled with rich vocabulary.

A clip from one of my popular KS2 songs.

All storytelling sessions were carefully differentiated to suit the particular year group. For this reason, I didn’t give a whole school performance.

As a “rule of thumb”, I believe that the smaller the children, the smaller the audience size should be. So, there were maximum audience numbers for each session.

Class teachers were expected to remain with their children throughout the performance. They then knew and understood what their children had experienced. Follow up work could then be much more successful.

The cockerel and hen

Although I am no longer visiting schools, you do have the chance to read and listen to me telling some of my own stories on this site.

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