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“Here we are – all of us – riding on a big, bright, beautiful blue ball: Earth – our home. And as she spins her way, every day, through the blackness of space, so there are people, like me, who travel from place to place trying to put a smile on someone’s face – by bringing along a story and a song; by bringing along a little bit of crickcrack.” – Charlie

This photo of Earthrise, as seen from the moon, inspired the song  “What a ride!” Listen on this page.

These fifteen stories are all free to listen to and enjoy. Other stories will be added as soon as they’ve been recorded. And videos will be available as soon as they’re recorded. Story timings are all approximate. You’ll also find six songs on this page.

And you can read Charlie’s own stories when you click here. All stories, songs & music: Charlie ©


The Pirate Parrots! (6½ mins)

The five pirate parrots sail the seas threatening to fight and rob whoever they see. But they’re not very good when they try to rob the whale, the squid, the puffins – and especially the shark!

Hare had a scare (4½ mins)

When we sleep, we have dreams. Sometimes they’re good but sometimes they’re a bit scary. And sometimes when we wake up, we’re not sure if it was a dream or maybe real. We can be a little puzzled. Well, meet Hare who might have had a scary dream, although I’m not sure. By the way – “heeshees” is a word made from “he” and “she” and means the “people”.

Fuzzy – The bee who couldn’t waggle (8 mins)

Fuzzy is the only bee in the hive who can’t waggle his bottom. All honey bees should be able to do this, so the queen is cross whilst the other bees sneer at him. But with help from Fox and others he becomes the very best waggler.

 Just Perfect (10½ mins)

Twirly whirly, topsy turvy, bumpsadaisy, here we goes – like rabbit goes – nose over toes; rolling down the grassy hill. “Me oh my! It’s a beautiful day – a perfect day for a really good play.” And to make it really perfect, rabbit gets help from the hill, grass, sun and … oh! oh! fox has other ideas!

Just in time! (under 5 mins)

A young and far too curious worm called Squiggy,  and his sister Twirly, are both on their way to enjoy the squelchy delights of the compost heap. She has to keep rescuing him when his insatiable curiosity keeps getting the better of him.

Mizzy Moth (5 mins)

Moth just wants to be left alone to snooze in the sun. But others, like butterfly and stoat think he’s being miserable. No, he’s not! And they find that out – in a messy way!

 “Oi! said frog” (5½ mins)

The birds and the beasties are enjoying the delights of their pond. But the grumpy frog reckons it’s his pond and shoos everyone away. When a pretty frog arrives he wants her to be his queen – but she sets out certain terms and conditions!

  Pigpog  (5½ mins)

Pigpog is a little hairy hog – a little wild pig – who lives in the forest. When he gets very muddy and very wet, his mum and dad are cross. When he’s out in the forest, scary people suddenly appear. They chase Pigpog – with a flash and a bang – but the forest helps him escape and his parents are so happy when he’s home safe and sound.

Squidge the sulky spider (4½ mins)

Squidge is a cheeky, lazy spider who thinks he is cleverer than everyone. He lives in a scraggy old web and wonders why he doesn’t catch flies when the birds, bats and frogs are all successful. Eventually he realises he has to work and spin a sparkling new web.

The great wormy party (6½ mins)

The rats were playing games in their dirty, smelly drains. They were swinging from their whiskers and skipping with their tails. But the people cried, “Ugh! Look there are rats!” So the rats – along with a collection of other less desirable creatures like slugs and earwigs – decide to go away down the garden and party with the worms.

The queen who couldn’t be bothered (11 mins)

The queen couldn’t be bothered to smile. The people were sad so visitors from Brazil, Ghana and Australia try to help. They set sail on choppy, windy seas (lots of listener actions) and eventually return with lots of exotic beasts, hoping to bring a smile to the queen’s face.

Rocket Rooster (5 mins)

Rooster is chasing the great sun. He flies first to the hen house roof, then to the top of the plum tree and then all the way to the top of sky-high mountain and beyond. But each time the great sun, of course, has moved on. How does rooster fly? Well, he has a kind of special rocket fuel: His own roaring, windy tummy! Phooh!

 It’s good to hide (7½ mins)

Little brown ant meets lizard, cicada, and funnel spider who all urge him to hide from man. Ant has never been troubled by man but when man comes to check his olive trees, disaster befalls ant. Set on the Greek island of Kefalonia, it has a bitter-sweet ending.

Where shall we go to? (3½ mins)

This is a very gentle story specially for sharing. It takes you on an imaginative trip with all sorts of traditional fairytale characters from a flying dragon, a gentle giant, a princess and much, much more including frogs who take tea in the woods. Whether you’re a parent, carer or grandparent – enjoy the warmth of story sharing.

 Dopsy Dragon and the Wizard of The Wild Lands (12 mins)

Magical trouble brews when Dopsy dragon flies with the wizard of the wild-lands. The mischievous wizard takes magic from his hat and blows it over the wicked goblins. But they are always looking for trouble, and whisper, “We’ll get our own back on the wizard and his Dopsy dragon!  We can make better magic! It’s easy – just watch!” And, oh dear! Mayhem follows!

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