The listening corner

Listen to Charlie’s own stories and songs

“Here we are – all of us – riding on a big, bright, beautiful blue ball: Earth – our home. And as she spins her way, every day, through the blackness of space, so there are people, like me, who travel from place to place trying to put a smile on someone’s face – by bringing along a story and a song; by bringing along a little bit of crickcrack.” – Charlie

This photo of Earthrise, as seen from the moon, inspired the song  “What a ride!”

You can hear the song on this page. And you can read Charlie’s own stories when you click here.

These stories are sometimes told in performance. Other stories will be added as soon as they’ve been recorded. And videos will be available as soon as they’re recorded. Story timings below are all approximate.



 Dopsy Dragon and the Wizard of The Wild Lands (12 mins)

Fuzzy – The bee who couldn’t waggle (8 mins)

 It’s good to hide (7½ mins)

 Just Perfect (10½ mins)

Mizzy Moth (5 mins)

 “Oi! said frog” (5½ mins)  

Rocket Rooster (5 mins)

Squidge the sulky spider (4½ mins)

The great wormy party (6½ mins)

The queen who couldn’t be bothered (11 mins)

Where shall we go to? (3½ mins)

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