Where shall we go to?

flying around fairytale land on the back of a dragon free audio story for children

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Where shall we go to, my lovely?

Who shall we visit today?

Who shall we see?

Who shall we be?

We’ll go together –

Just you.

Just me.


Let’s fly through the clouds

on the back of a dragon.

Let’s fly with him to the sun.


Let’s swing from the arms

of a gentle giant.

Let’s swing over mountains and seas.


Let’s skip through the flowers

holding hands with the fairies.

Let’s skip with the king and the queen.


Let’s fight with our swords

the gruff goblin king.

Let’s fight then run like the wind.


Let’s hide from the monsters

that roar and growl.

Let’s hide from their teeth and claws.


Let’s stroll through the woods

and talk with the beasts.

Let’s stroll and take tea with the frogs.


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Let’s stir the brew

in the witches pot.

Let’s stir then fly on a broom.


Let’s howl with the ghosties

“Whoo-hoo, Whoo-hoo.”

Let’s howl and sail round the moon.


Let’s save a princess

from a tall, dark tower.

Let’s save her and flee on our horse.


Let’s sow magic beans

and watch them grow.

Let’s sow then climb to the stars.


Let’s gather together –

The dragons and giants,

The fairies and goblins and . . .


monsters and beasts

and witches and ghosties and . . .

a pretty princess

and beans.


We have just seen

what we have just seen.

And we have just been

where we have just been.


Let our eyes be as big as the moon,

and our smiles as wide as the sky!


© Charlie Wilson 2013

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